Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bartending Schools – A guide to becoming a bartender

\Bartending is one of the highest paying jobs without a high school degree. Believe it or not bartenders make more during their first year than college graduates. If you live in a large city such as New York, Boston, Chicago, or San Diego you can earn $50,000 your first year bartending.
There are a few ways someone can become a bartender.
The traditional way was you started off as a bar back or bus boy. When the old bartender left the manager might promote you. That’s to say they have extra bar backs and not enough bartenders.
If you’re a girl with gorgeous movie star looks, many bars and clubs will higher you without knowledge of how to make a cocktail what so ever.
For the majority of people the fastest and most reliable way to become a bartender is to attend a bartending school and have the school help find you a job.
Bartending Schools have sprung up across the country teaching the art of mixology for around the cost of your week’s paycheck. The large rush of young adults looking for bartending certifications and training has sprung many illegal and unlicensed bartending schools. These establishments have no license from the state education department and usually close down after the season is over or when there are enough complaints about them. You can report a bad school to the Better bureau of bartending Schools at When choosing a bartending school prioritizes the schools resources and services before the price. You want to get it right the first time you go to bartender school
Currently 18 States and Washington DC have mandatory alcohol server training. You can look up your state bartending law at . Don’t get it confused with bartender certification, if server training is mandatory in your state it does not mean you have to get certified from a bartending school; however, it is a good idea to do so.
Now if you decide to become a bartender here are a few tips.
1. Certification from a bartending school is just to open the door.
2. If you want to be a successful bartender you must like bartending.
3. Don’t steal, and make sure your ending register amount is correct or you will appear to be stealing.
4. Bartending is more than just knowing cocktail recipes

What exactly are bartending schools?
They are in the category of adult vocational schools. Most bartending schools are run by ex bartenders or people in the hospitality industry. They have years of experience bartending in many establishments and also know people in the bar and restaurant industry. In about two will finish your bartending course and a soon after find a job.

Bartending, one of the fastest growing industries have spurred some unlicensed bartending schools. You don’t need a high school degree to become a bartender in New York but some States will require alcohol server training.

Having graduated from a bartending school himself. John is a certified bartender having worked in New York, San Diego, Chicago, and Boston for 14 years. Currently writes articles for Better bureau of bartending Schools