Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How to Choose The Perfect Hotel For Your Dream Caribbean Vacation

The Caribbean Hotel Association was first established in 1959 as a committee of the Caribbean Tourist Association. This was a private and public sector committee that was established to promote the Caribbean region in response to a specific requirement. In 1962, the CHA became autonomous. During its formation the CHA was strongly focused on the Caribbean tourism market and aspects like airlines controlled access, hotel reps controlled communication with travel agencies, and wholesalers controlled traffic and payments. At this point the hotels themselves were not included in the CHA operations.

It was finally realized that in order to fix any problems and issues it would necessary for the entire Caribbean hospitality industry to unite and this prompted the CHA to develop and implement several programs over the years. These programs included the following.

Achieving recognition for the Caribbean market as the most important aspect of tourism marketing.

Creating a database of all regional accommodation. This has resulted in the Caribbean Gold Book that is referenced by every travel agent providing services in the Caribbean. CHA acquired complete ownership of Gold Book Publishing that published the Caribbean Gold Book. This gave the CHA better control over its future.

CHA hotels were combined through CHARMS (Caribbean Hotel Association Reservations Management System) that offered global distribution to all hotels in the association. CHARMS generated nearly US$7 million worth of business for its member hotels averaging $131.26 per night.

CHA was busy helping to steer the course of the tourism and hospitality industry in the region through such developments.

Caribbean hotels offer choice accommodations that fit every budget and individual taste. Accommodation can be in the form of inns and guesthouses or private villas and luxury resorts. Families traveling together can choose from among any of the full-service hotels that cater to the children with special meals, programs, and activities and services specifically directed at kids. There are also resorts that cater exclusively to singles that are interested in meeting other singles. For those who prefer solitude and peace there are several small and remote locations that are extremely quite. Travelers interested in eco-tourism can avail the eco-resorts that are rapidly growing all throughout the Caribbean. If you desire an exciting nightlife then there are many resorts where the party goes on all through the night.

December to April is considered the busy season in the Caribbean. The weather in this period is also at its best with no chance of rain. Prices during this season are much higher and accommodation is difficult to find so it is recommended that you make your bookings early.
Author Resource:- James Penn runs a highly informative Caribbean website which details exactly how to find Caribbean vacation packages and also the ten best activities in the Caribbean for families and couples alike.