Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hospitality Management Online

An online certificate or degree in Hospitality Management qualifies graduates to apply for jobs at luxury resorts, cruise ships, deluxe spas, and many others. Through a distance learning course, working adults can study Hospitality Management at their own pace, without forfeiting current employment.

The field of Hospitality Management is expanding at an incredible pace. A distance learning course is a convenient way to prepare for a challenging career in this high-growth field. Students can earn 100 percent of the credits needed for a degree in Hospitality Management in as little as six months, without stepping foot in a traditional classroom.

An online course educates students in the principles of Hospitality Management, as well as hospitality engineering systems and the catering business. Students learn about marketing, occupancy forecasting, the front desk, reservations, organization, operations, security, room service, restaurant and bar management, housekeeping, staffing, meetings, banquets, purchasing, accounting, and more. Best of all, online Hospitality Management courses require no educational prerequisites or experience to enroll.

Hospitality Management professionals know how to build customer traffic, operate efficient food and beverage services, and make sure guests are satisfied in every way. Graduates of online Hospitality Management schools are qualified to manage a fine hotel, resort, or club. They have learned the skills necessary to own or operate a gourmet restaurant, run a country inn or bed-and-breakfast, or manage hospitality services for a cruise ship.

If you are interested in learning more about an exciting career that offers benefits such as free or discounted dining, lodging, and travel, you can apply to an online college, university or distance learning course in Hospitality Management right here at SchoolsGalore.com!