Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hospitality Management Schools Your Key to a New Career

Looking for a new career? Hospitality Management Schools prepare students for careers in the restaurant industry as well as luxury hotels, motels, resorts, spas, hospitals and more.

Food and beverage, catering, marketing, and sales may be included in hospitality management classes. Four-year Hospitality Management Schools offer Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM), Master of Science in Hospitality Management (MSHM), and Executive Master of Science in Hospitality Management Degree (MSEHM) Programs, as well as Certificate Programs for specializations in various Hotel, Restaurant, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism.

Business colleges and universities often offer hospitality management and tourism programs with the same core courses as other business degrees. Program in hospitality management provide specific courses and have explicit work experience requirements.

Some bachelor degree programs in hospitality management are designed for students who looking for opportunities to advance their careers in hospitality fields. Degrees allow for specialization in upper levels of the hospitality industry in areas of food and beverage services, marketing, business management, human resources, and others.

Master level hospitality management may include areas of entrepreneurship, marketing management, information systems, operations management, and investment. Courses provide skills and knowledge for upper-level positions in areas of the industry that individual students find most appropriate to their career interests. Hospitality management employees may realize opportunities for discounts in lodging and restaurants, which attracts some to this industry.

Hospitality management positions may be found in large and small hotels, motels, and restaurants. Establishments may be commercial, resort, or residential. Hotels and motels of larger sizes will often have banquet rooms and ballrooms to accommodate business meetings, conventions, wedding receptions, and various other gatherings.

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