Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hotel Brokerage

Hotel Brokerage like any other firms, engages in buying and selling stocks for clients. It may also fall under Real Estate Industry, Marketing, Commercial, Hospitality and such.

Most firms provide investment opportunities for those interested in investing in lodging real estates that meet your specifications. Some has buyer representation services that are designed to assist in locating and acquiring suitable properties for investment. They have teams of highly experienced professionals that handle the full spectrum of hospitality real estate, from limited service to high profile properties, including urban, suburban and resort hotels. They handle distinct products such as conference centers, extended-stay hotels, condominium hotels, vacation ownership/fractional properties, and golf courses. They offer their clients immediate access to one of the world's largest hospitality practices dedicated to the hospitality industry. They help their clients to stay current with emerging trends in the global hospitality and tourism industry. They provide their clients with local, national and international access to hotel investment and financing opportunities and to strategic solutions designed to achieve optimum results.

One is a leader in Hotel Management Industry that aims to provide quality service, maintain ideal facilities, and revenues and expenses. They administer independent hotel sellers a customized detailed marketing program based on a thorough research on the property, a depth of market information, and ample marketing support commodities, aid assertive personal selling and thorough follow-up, conducts distinct property tours to qualified buyers, assists with debt and equity financing. Hotel brokerage helps buying and selling property simple and easy.

Hotel Brokerage International is the world’s largest and oldest hospitality real estate organization, which has a rich heritage of experience and expertise in hotel real estate valuation, transactions and other essential services.

Optimum Hotel Brokerage, a full service hotel brokerage firm, is dedicated in representing hotel owners to structured finance and sale transactions.

Brokerage of hotels comes with researching, consulting, strategic planning, analysis, management, evaluation, financing, and development. It also deals with property disposition, screening of buyers, evaluation of offers, contract negotiation, and coordination of closing details. Alliances with banks, mortgage banks, and insurance companies enable hotel brokers assist clients in locating the required financing in fulfilling their transactions.

In addition, hotel brokerage may mean hotel asset sales, real estate brokerage, hotel valuation, and land sales. Hotels are hybrid investment.

Hotel brokerage should include resources such as database of active buyers, industry relationships, knowledge of valuation, market knowledge, advertising channels, lenders, franchise representatives, lawyers, appraisers, and inspectors that do the necessary work to guide the buyer and seller through a successful transaction process.

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