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Sightseeing in Istanbul

For all those traveling to Istanbul, either on holiday or for business purposes, there are many accommodation opportunities available in this city. Any Istanbul hotel offers a wide range of hospitality services. Among the hotels in Istanbul, Hotel Troya provides its lodgers with a variety of services, including rooms with private bathrooms, central heating and air-conditioning or broadband Internet connection, including wireless. This Istanbul hotel has its own restaurant-bar where breakfast can be served every morning, before you set out on your sightseeing of Istanbul.

When choosing the Istanbul hotel you want to check in at, you should take into consideration your purpose for traveling to Istanbul. If you are a tourist in Istanbul, you will certainly want to visit the city, so you should choose an Istanbul hotel situated in a convenient location to have easy access to all the tourist sites you’d like to visit while in Istanbul. This major city of Turkey is a favored destination for a large number of tourists who are particularly keen on visiting the historical part of the city with its fascinating vestiges. Of particular interest are the mosques of the city as well as its picturesque bazaars where tourists can buy souvenirs for their friends or family back home.

Istanbul is an odd mixture of old and new, which most of its visitors find fascinating. This feature of Istanbul is in a way justified by its geographical position: situated on the Bosphorus Strait, the city is considered to belong both to Europe and Asia. Tourists who visit the city for the first time are usually interested in finding out relevant information about its history before deciding which sites to visit. Every Istanbul hotel normally offers its visitors a guide to the city which includes both descriptive and statistical data as well as tips as to which landmarks are worth seeing.

Those interested in both old and contemporary art will find inexhaustible resources in Istanbul. They can visit not only art galleries and museums, but also places of worship and representative buildings, with an architecture that combines the Eastern tradition with more modern elements. This touch of the local flavor is in fact present all over the city of Istanbul. The architecture of any Istanbul hotel (be it old or new) includes elements meant to catch the eye and to give tourists a feel of the place before they have actually visited it. Such an Istanbul hotel offers its lodgers not only comfort, but also an atmosphere to remember.

Another major attraction in Istanbul is the Golden Horn harbor at the Marmara Sea, a spectacular view for any tourist. If you check into an Istanbul hotel situated close to the beach, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent sunrises on the Marmara every morning, before setting out to tour the city. If you need special guidance for planning your visit in Istanbul, you can either resort to the services of a local tour guide or enquire about opportunities for sightseeing with the staff of the Istanbul hotel you are staying at.

Before you travel to Istanbul, you should consider booking a room in an Istanbul hotel in advance, to make sure you have no difficulties finding a suitable Istanbul hotel when you arrive. There are numerous travel agencies offering their services for those who want to travel to Turkey, so you can browse their websites and book online, once you have decided on the Istanbul hotel you’d like to stay at. When booking accommodation, you should bear in mind not only comfort, but also the location and price range of the Istanbul hotel you choose.

Most tourists who like to travel and choose Istanbul as their target - especially those on their first visit - prefer to stay at an Istanbul hotel located as close to the city center as possible. Such an option gives them easy access to all the areas they are interested in visiting, as well as the certainty of comfort. The central district of the city is where the most important tourist landmarks are located. It is also the location of Hotel Troya, so make sure you check out the availability of rooms and suites at this Istanbul hotel in advance of your journey to Istanbul.

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Novelty for tourists is never an issue in Istanbul and nor is choosing an Istanbul hotel that can offer comfort in a specific for this part of the world, exotic manner. So, if this city answers all your requirements, why not visit?