Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Medical Tourism

With more than 300 days of sunshine each year there is no better place to go on vacation than Thailand. With its breath taking beaches and old traditional cultures and warm and welcoming people there is not better place to experience true Asian hospitality. Now you need not only come to Thailand to experience true hospitality and visit old world renowned temples, but you can also get some of the best and latest medical procedures while on holiday. Whenever you mention the words Asia or cheap medical procedures you are always left with the idea that it is sub standard. Well that is not true. What is true is the fact that medical procedures in Asia are cheaper than in the West as the cost of living not medical standards are lower than in any Western country. What would you pay today for a medical check up as an example in your home country? Let's keep everything relative. Last year I paid on average about $15 for a medical check up at an international hospital in Thailand. The facilities were first class and second to none. But then I was not the only westerner attending the hospital either. Language is no barrier; most international hospitals in Thailand as an example have doctors who are able to speak English very well as many of them had been trained overseas. With the growing rise in medical tourism, many of first class hospitals in Thailand have translators not only for the English language but as diverse as Dutch, Russian and even Nordic languages and many boast ISO standards. Expensive does not mean better. Let me give you an example. Two years ago I developed a blood clot in my leg. At 11 at night I was to wait no more than 10 minutes to see a surgeon who spoke English and who was able to drain the clot provide me with medication and sent me on my way an hour later. What would that cost in your home town? The visit to the hospital which conforms to international standards set me back a mere $40 for consultation, a minor procedure and medication. There are countless incidents such as these. Many foreigners call Thailand home, not only because of the excellent weather and warm and welcoming people, but because the cost of first world medicine is so much cheaper and far more affordable. What is stopping you from joining where others have already treaded a well worn path to better and more affordable health care?