Thursday, December 28, 2006

How to Be a Great Host or Hostess in a Restaurant

How to keep your patrons happy and increase the chance of getting a tip or a larger tip.

1. Be aware as the patron arrives in the restaurant.

2. Greet the patron with a smile and welcome them to the establishment.

3. If the patron must wait, let them know it will be a few minutes and offer a drink while they are waiting.

4. Find out how many people are dining,and whether they want a non smoking table.

5. Lead them to the table without rushing.

6. Pull out the chairs of the table and wait for your patrons to sit down.

7. Provide a menu for each customer and allow them time to choose their meal,making suggestions if requested.

8. Check back with the customer after about 5 minutes to confirm their meals are as expected.

9. Pay attention to the customer's needs,and ensure they have drinks and any seasonings and sauces they require.

10. Check that the customer is finished before clearing their table.


* Don't be too eager to get a tip.

* Do not rush your customer into making a choice.

* A friendly smile is always appreciated.

* Your customers should take priority over talking with friends or on the telephone.