Thursday, December 28, 2006

How to Get a Job in the Fast Food Industry

Are you hopeless, self-loathing and going nowhere fast? Consider a job in the Fast Food Industry. This is the perfect employment opportunity for adults with no future or teenagers just looking for a little spending cash. Simply follow these few easy steps and even you can have a successful career as a Fry Cook.


1.Decide which of these fine establishments to apply to. Shoot for the stars; apply at Mcdonalds, Taco Bell and KFC. If these opportunities fall through, you always have Carl’s Jr., Long John Silvers and Popeye’s

2.Fill out the application. Do not feel compelled to be completely honest with the White Castle manager. If you have a chronic drug addiction, juvenile police record or seven illegitimate children, they do not need to know.

3.Learn not to take “No” for an answer. If you followed the above mentioned advice and Jack in the Box still decided not to hire you, keep trying. They may not have any openings at the time or are looking for someone who has flipped a burger or two in the past. Lie if you need to, they won’t check.

4.Show them that you are a valuable asset. Be attentive; watch the flick of the wrist when veterans drop the fry basket into the oil and the manner in which they slop on the special sauce. Put these skills into action yourself and you will definitely receive work-place notoriety.

5. Open yourself back up to the job market. Put together your resume and apply for the “made to order” restaurants like Denny’s and Ponderosa. If you continue to hone these skills, you may one day find yourself as a night manager for Ruby Tuesday’s or Applebee’s


* If cooking heart-stopping quarter pound chili dogs is not for you, apply for positions of less responsibility such as cashier or bus boy.

* Never touch food with your bare hands; you don’t want to walk around with mustard-stained fingers.